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Bonsai Today Magazine Back Issues
Bonsai Today Magazine Bonsai Tree How-to & Care
Bonsai Today magazine is full of of the best bonsai trees and bonsai how-to & care. The foremost English language bonsai magazine. With contributions from Masahiko Kimura "the Magician" and other contemporary bonsai masters. Every issue contains clear, insightful instruction from the renowned Japanese magazine Kin Dai and western commentary on indoor and tropical bonsai. Bonsai Today is truly an invaluable resource for the bonsai enthusiast.

Scroll down for the contents of each issue.

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  • #26 - Formal upright and broom styles, step by step zelkova, gallery, bonsai museum, cascade juniper 1993

    #28 - Special technique for cuttings, gallery, basic and intermediate course, beech , juniper, pine 1993

    #29 - Scots pine training, gallery, trident maple, spruce and cryptomeria training, suiseki, white pine 1994

    #31 - Styling white pine, hornbeam layering, cryptomeria care, eounymus, Kimura, gallery, unusual pots 1994

    #32 - Training flowering plants, leaf pruning, Kimura styles an azalea, pine from seed, trident maple, gallery 1994

    #33 - Air layering overview, bald cypress inspiration, gallery, ivy from cuttings, bunjin pine 1994

    #34 - California juniper, accent plants, adding deadwood, gallery, Chinese juniper, Norway spruce, elm 1994

    #35 - Mitsuya and pine care, correcting root rot, end of summer care, suiseki, gallery, Kimura styles a juniper 1995

    #36 - Finding the front, azalea training, pinching guide, persimmon, Prunus, mulberry, bunjin, gallery 1995

    #37 - Rocks and plants, yew on a rock, black pine notes, gallery, Prunus mume, hornbeam, growing in the field 1995

    #38 - Wisteria training, Kimura rock planting, gallery, suiseki, trunk shortening, layering maple, figwych 1995

    #40 - Training satsuki azalea, gallery, apple part 1, spring tasks, accelerating root growth, layering, suiseki 1995

    #41 - Training deciduous bonsai, grafting junipers & pine, Kuo juniper, apple part 2, satsuki, pot selection 1996

    #42 - Training conifers, finding material, azalea training, giant juniper, forming branches, suiseki, Kimura 1996

    #43 - Cuttings step by step, Kimura, black pine, juniper training, gallery, suiseki, small flowering bonsai 1996

    #44 - Creating simulated rock slabs, gallery, yew, bunjin design, pruning deciduous bonsai, azaleas, deadwood 1996

    #45 - 50 best shohin part 1, grafting overview, shortening pine needles, suiseki, camellia, prunus training 1996

    #46 - 50 best shohin part 2, suiseki, shaping small azaleas, creating forests, juniper training, training quince 1996

    #47 - Super feeding, branch training in summer, controlling azalea flowers, defoliating maples, training styrax, maple 1997

    #48 - Training pine, beech training part 1, training elaeagnus, juniper, air layering, forsythia bonsai, Sakkaten exhibit 1997

    #49 - Tips for daily care, beech training part 2, honeysuckle, reshaping juniper, Tokyo exhibit, cascade style, Kimura 1997

    #50 - Rock planting, pruning deciduous trees, magnolia training, pruning fruiting trees,yew, training in boxes 1997

    #53 - Six articles on branch training, accent plants, rosemary bonsai, training apricot, barberry and quince, suiseki. 1998

    #54 - Making a large bonsai pot, hibiscus, trident maple, white pine, black pine, accent plants, defoliation techniques. 1998

    #55 - Pine design study, three shohin bonsai, collected yew, ficus, pine, hornbeam, gallery, making pots, suiseki. 1998

    #56 - Kimura styles a yew, azaleas, witch-hazel, pomegranate, Prunus mume, pine, persimmon, grass plantings 1998

    #58 - Pinching back, suiseki, fruit-bearing bonsai, pruning step by step, working on roots, carolina jasmine, pots. 1998

    #59 - Bending large branches, root grafting, transplanting review, gallery, bahama berry, coyrylopsis, root mealy bug 1999

    #60 - Bougainvillea bonsai, California juniper, Nanpukai, Kokufu gallery, Kimura styles a pine, correcting branches. 1999

    #61 - Art of bonsai display, Ficus nerifolia training, Kumquat, removing pine shoots and needles, juniper bonsai 1999

    #63 - Kimura adds junipers to deadwood, basic wiring, black pine, maples, zelkova, Australian pine, suiseki. 1999

    #64 - Transplanting deciduous trees, maple propagation, cuttings, Orange jasmine bonsai, suiseki, gallery 1999

    #65 - Bunjin Pine, tropical bonsai indoors and out, layering maples, styling white pine, small pots, root over rock satsuki...2000

    #66 - Root over rock style, fukien tea care & training, kimura trains an azalea, suiseki, basic techniques, severe pruning...2000

    #67 - Styling informal uprights, styles that reflect nature, looking at trees, suiseki, ficus, pine styling, miniatures...2000

    #68 - Secrets for growing dwarf flowering species, privet care, portulacaria afra, suiseki, how to make bonsai ready to show...2000

    #69 - Bonsai masters work w/7 discarded trees, brazilian raintree care and training, john naka creates goshin II, bunjin...2000

    #70 - Hornbeam care and training, layering and grafting, five needle pine cascade, logwood care and training, murphy's stones...2000

    #71 - Growing bonsai from seed, super feeding 2, wisteria bonsai, black pine training techniques, busida care, kobayashi...2001

    #72 - Podocarpus care and training, accent plants, juniper basics, suiseki, famous bonsai pots, honeysuckle care and training...2001

    #73 - Reshaping juniperus chinensis, transforming black pine, calliandra, mitsuya creates a cascade, japanese bonsai pots...2001

    #74 - Ficus"green island" care and training, transforming a pine, broom style elm-part 2, how to make bonsai pots, imari pot...2001

    #75 - Chikugo-En, Training Techniques - Japanese Maples, Training Techniques - Going from four trunks to five, Training Techniques - Kabudachi style...2001

    #76 - Prunus mume, Beech Care, Bend or Break?, Secrets of Transplanting, Polyethylene Wrap, Buttonwood, Suiseki, Collecting trees 3, European Gallery...2001

    #77 - The age of trees, Cuttings, Shaping, Acer buergerianum, Sea grape, European gallery. 2002

    #78 - Fruit bearing bonsai, Marc Noelanders, Stone slabs & rocks, Wiring practice, Construction of a gigantic yose-ue. 2002

    #79 - Colin Lewis on larch care, Pinching back conifers, Imitating nature, White Dragon, The future masters, Wisteria, Bonsai gallery. 2002

    #80 - Kimura Special, Wiring practice, Gallery, Quercus ilex. 2002

    #81 - Gallery: 30 deciduous bonsai, Shaping symposiums: Japanese Maple & Azalea, Tanuki bonsai, History of a juniper, Scent of the Elaegnus, The Beauty of Stones. 2002

    #82 - A Tree and a Pot, Transplanting in Seven Parts, Improving the Nebari, The First Rootpruning, Field Grown Trees, Nebari the Natural Way, Gallery: The Wild Olive, Refining a Trident Maple. 2002

    #83 - Gallery, Layering in Three Parts, Chan's Accent Plants, Veins, the Life of Trees, Rosemary, Recapture an Old Tree's Elegance, Growing Mikawa from Seeds. 2003

    #84 - Gallery: North American Trees, New Trends in Bonsai Pots, Rehabilitation of 'Mediocre' Specimens, Suiseki, Cowania mexicana, Accent Plants, Shapping the Best Bonsai Trees of the 21st Century. 2003

    #85 - Galleries: Taikan-Ten and Euro-Bonsai Gala, young masters, pots by Tofukuji and others, Before & After, Kusamono by Willi Benz, Pinching and Defoliation, Aging techniques and tools.2003

    #86 - Kimura's Advanced Deadwood Techniques, Designing a Beech Bonsai, Bonsai Pots: Gallery & History, Pinus Sylvestris, Kusamono Willi Benz, Bonsai in Japanese Gardens, Shaping a Chaenomeles Japonica. 2003

    #87 - Advanced Techniques: Reduction and Rehabilitation, Bonsai Gallery, How & Why, Euonymus Alatus, How to style a young juniperus rigida, Spanish National Bonsai Contest. 2003

    #88 - Malus Sieboldii, Bonsai Gallery, Seven Part Special Transplanting Section, Evolution of a California Juniper, Frank Goya. 2003

    #89 - Juniperus rigida, Bonsai gallery, Repotting White Panther, Sentinels of the Sierras, How and why, Species guide, Joy of propagation. 2004

    #90 - Korean hornbeam, Bonsai gallery, Creeping juniper, Life of a bonsai apprentice, Companion plants, Rebirth of a black pine, Book review, Beginnerís watering. 2004

    #91 - Shimpaku, Bonsai gallery, Sabina juniper, Azalea, Starting a black pine, Beginnerís book review, Pinyon pine, Post-flowering pruning. 2004

    #92 - Branch styling, Kusamono gallery, Ilex vomitoria, Transplanting for beginners, Crabapple care, Shuihan penjing, Amateur vs professional. 2004

    #93 - John Naka 1914-2004, Transplanting for beginners, Book review, Kusamono gallery, Bonsai gallery, Branches part 2, Needle juniper. 2004

    #94 - Bonsai gallery, The art of watering, Review of John Nakaís Bonsai Techniques I, Transplanting for beginners, Japanese holly, Suiseki, Branches part 3, Using display stands, Restoring a Shimpaku juniper, Gardenia, Japanese white pine. 2004

    #95 - Flowering Apricot, Bonsai Gallery, Shimpaku Juniper, American Bonsai, Book Reviews, Bonsai & Figurines, Companion Plants, wiring 101. 2005

    #96 - Transplanting Special, Bonsai Gallery, Pyracantha, Trident maple, Wiring 101, American Bonsai - The National Bonsai Museum. 2005

    #97 - Kimura, White Pine & Yew, Bonsai Gallery, Windswept Bonsai, Black Pine, Red Pine, Kingsville box, Styling for Beginners. 2005

    #98 - Satsuki Azalea, Bonsai Gallery, Trees in Nature, Review: Bonsai DVDs, The Pottery of Max Braverman, Styling a California Live Oak, Needle Juniper, Penjing: a Chinese Renaissance. 2005

    #99 - Tropical Bonsai Gallery, The Challenge of Itoygawa Shimpaku, Book Reviews, Field-grown Zelcova, Mark Invernizzi Transforms an Old Spruce. 2005

    #100 - One Hundreth Issue Special - The Best of Bonsai Today. 2005

    #101 - The Bonsai of Walter Pall, China's Literati by Karin Albert, Styling an old Shimpaku, The Future of Bonsai, Book Reviews, Matt Castle's Pottery, Invernizzi Transforms a Scots Pine. 2006

    #102 - Styling a Collected Lodgepole Pine, Best of Bonsai in Europe, Nebari, Book Reviews, The Dao of Penjing, Kusamono, Tool Care, Pinching Tender Shoots, Restyling an old Shimpaku.

    #104 - Creating deadwood 2, Saikei & Art review, Cutting class, Styling satsuki azaleas, A naturalistic Scot's pine.

    #105 - Creating deadwood 3, Satsuki azalea review, Mario Komsta shows at Kokufu-ten, Growing shohin from seed, The shohin bonsai of Morten Albek.

    #106 - The first ever Bonsai Today awards, Two English Yew restylings: Marco Invernizzi & Kevin Wilson, The life of a Shimpaku juniper, Growing pine from seed.

    #107 - Pomegranate care & styling, The bonsai of Wolfgang Putz, Cultivating Banyan ficus, Revisiting a Kingsville, Beginner wiring, The bonsai of William Valavanis, The amazing shrinking tree, Feed your trees, Kimura flips.

    #108 - The bonsai of Boon Manakitipivart, Chinese Pistachio, Driftwood planting, Nearly two decades in the life of a Pomegranate, Roy Nagatoshi; Master of the approach graft, San Jose juniper, Yamadori in the Austrian Alps, Morten Albek interviews Kimura.

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